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When you notarize virtually, it is legally binding and accepted in all States, Although you might notarize virtually in Texas, the document will be accepted in other states.

Please check with the person requesting the notarization before you notarize your document to ensure that they specifically will accept online notarization.

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Our small, supreme team of notaries take the effort, stress, and guesswork out of the notary process. We will perform your remote online notarization using an audio-visual conference rather than having you physically appear before us at the time of the notarization. We can even provide one independent witness for your document (fee applies).

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Notarize a 1583 document. It's our specialty.

Do you need to notarize proxy marriage documents and you and your fiancee are in different locations? Notarize together from different locations with our service!

Family Documents

Adoption paperwork, Divorce documents, Domestic partnership documents, Trusts, Wills...

Business Documents

Contracts, Corporate documents, Employment documents, Financial documents or any other ...

Medical Documents

Medical documents are a common document that needs to be notarized. Power of Attorney, Living wills ...

Motor Vehicle Documents

Automotive documents, Motor vehicle documents, Traffic school exam documents..

Additional Documents

Acknowledgments, Authorizations, Jail documents, Jurats, Oaths, Passport applications

Real Estate Documents

Certified loan signing agents.