About Online Notary Services

Why should we be your personal notary?

We are a team of experienced notary agents aiming to replace paper notarizations with modern remote online notary services that will help you settle your affairs safely from the convenience of your home or anywhere else for that matter.

Modern life is quite hectic for most of us, and that is why we strive to save your time and energy by offering you professional-quality remote notary services at your fingertips. No need to waste time or effort meeting at a notary’s location anymore.

Remote online notarization
online notarization
Save time. Notarize online.
GreenSeal Notary

Get Your Documents Signed No Matter Where You Are!

Our main focus is to notarize documents for all US citizens around the world, being able to provide our services even to those of you who are traveling or living abroad and need a notary agent!
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Security of your Information

We use third-party platforms, such as Signix, that can verify the signer’s identity, and therefore offer greater security.

We aim to guarantee this safety in every step of the process and build a strong trust relationship with you while being at your service every time you need us!

Delivering on that mission, we relentlessly work to give each project the attention it deserves and always act putting the security of your personal information first.

Signix Online Notary

How did it all start?

GreenSeal Notary was founded by a CPA back in 2003 to simplify procedures for tax clients. Later in 2010, we added mobile services to our arsenal, and recently we have included online notary services, real estate and loan signing services, as well as Apostille notarizing and courier services.