3 Reasons to Use A Certified Notary Signing Agent Available Worldwide

After reading the title to this article, you might be saying to yourself, “Hey, wait a minute, how can a notary signing agent be available worldwide?  I’m certainly not willing to pay THAT travel fee!”  Well, okay, that’s a legitimate thought but let us explain. 

notary signing agent

As you know, the job of a notary signing agent is to obtain necessary signatures and verify identity, while also guiding the signer through the loan signing process.  Signing agents specialize in real estate loan document and transfer signings. Escrow officers and title companies traditionally use a notary signing agent who will physically go to a clients location.  Nowadays, however, some or all pats of a loan signing can be done by a notary signing agent online.  An online notary signing agent can verify identities and perform signings over a webcam. 

With an online notary signing agent, hybrid signings are common.  For a hybrid signing, the borrower(s) and the notary signing agent meet in person to verify identity. Then some documents such as  the promissory note, transfer deed and deed of trust or mortgage are signed with a pen and the rest is signed online with a notary signing agent.  Some companies even mail some documents to the signer to sign on their own and the remainder documents are signed online with a notary signing agent.

It’s also beneficial to have signers eSign non-critical, non-notarized documents ahead of time thereby making for a more efficient and streamlined closing experience. This also allows more time for signers to review paperwork and ask questions before the closing. 

What does an Online Notary Signing Agent Have to Offer?

1.  Convenience

Being able to sign at a convenient time online makes it extremely attractive to signers. The time that might be convenient for a signer could be the signer’s lunch hour or it can be midnight.  It also can accommodate signers who are across the world and can’t physically come to a signing.

Any real estate transaction can benefit from this convenience.  Transactions such as new home loans, reverse mortgages, refinancing, closing contracts, and property transfers can now be done online by a remote notary signing agent. 

2. Avoid Missing and Incorrect Signatures  

 In addition to greater convenience, missed and incorrect signatures are avoided.    

Loan closing packages contain documents from multiple entities, some from lenders and others from title companies. Required signatures and/or initials vary depending on the document in question. Since the documents are prepped for digital signatures ahead of time, a notary loan signing agent can flag the document for variations.  

Also, since online documents can’t be submitted without all necessary signatures that were tagged during the prepping process, using an online notary signing agent will help prevent missing signatures.

3. Recorded Meeting

A notary signing agent helps prevent fraud and duress in loan transactions..  If there is any doubt regarding fraud or duress, the recording of the meeting can be retrieved.

How can a Notary Signing Agent from GreenSeal Notary help?

Signers can meet via Zoom from different locations. GreenSeal Notary is set up to allow multiple signers to sign from different locations no matter where the are in the world.  Three signers in three different locations?  No problem.  Signers can join in the video conference and sign from their current location.

We Are A Part Of Your Real Estate Closing Team

An online notary signing agent from GreenSeal is trained to carefully review instructions several times to make sure they understand what’s required, and then promptly ask for clarification if necessary.  One of our jobs as the signing agent is to keep the lines of communication open during the closing between the borrower and the title company and the borrower and the lender. We are responsive throughout the lifetime of the closing.

A GreenSeal online signing agent is trained to note signature/initial variations and communicate them to the signers and are trained to contact the hiring party whenever in doubt.

Our online notary signing agents try to remain alert to a signers questions regarding opinions about their interest rate and other loan related questions. A GreenSeal online notary signing agent knows not to answer these questions and will direct these questions to the title company or lender.

A notary signing agent at GreenSeal Notary acts as an impartial, third-party witness and ensures that the parties involved follow all the protocols for a real estate transaction.

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