Person Looking for Notary Public Panicked That Didn’t Have 1 Living In Their Home

Spoiler alert: that person is me.  One of the greatest issues the wonderful people of this planet have to deal with is the stark reality that there likely isn’t a notary public living in their home. Oh no, the horror.

As we all know, a notary public is a person authorized to perform certain legal formalities, especially to certify signatures on contracts, deeds, and other documents.

Awesome…but…one doesn’t have a room in your house, right?  I needed a notary public for a application for a mail through agent USPS PS 1583 form and realized that trying to find a notary public was more difficult than I thought.  I just needed one little box signed. I never thought about it before but I figured that someone in my home could notarize the form. All of these people who live in my home and not one notary! So, like everyone else seeking a notary, I started my search.

So if this were 1975, what would I do? Get in my car, stop for gas. Shoot the breeze with a neighbor I see at the gas station, maybe stop inside and get myself a candy bar. Pull out the map from my glove compartment to find where exactly Town Hall is located. Get lost. Finally get there…and it’s closed.

The good fortune we all have is that it’s not 1975 – it’s 2021.

Notary Public Online! Say what?

Everything is online! We can get a million tacos delivered to us in like 10 minutes. We can virtually connect with our grandparents who live halfway across the globe (and still probably use paper maps).

So, it’s crazy! Why is finding a notary public still so ridiculously difficult? Come on folks.  I just need this one golden signature for my document.

In this day and age, unless you’ve got a notary public living in your house, it seems like way too much work to figure out where to find one. In addition, a notary related to you can’t legally notarize a lot of your documents anyway. It depends on the document.

I live in a small town and the closest notary that I could find was over 30 miles away. It seems like trying to track down a legit notary public is harder than trying to track down Bigfoot…in the middle of the night.  We know they exist, but we just can’t seem to find one.

Fortunately, the problem has been solved. No, not the discovery of Bigfoot (we’re still not sure on that one). But the solution to a simple to find (and use) notary public.

An online notary public service is everything you’ve ever wanted, all in one place (well, everything except tacos, they don’t sell tacos – yet). Here’s how the process works. Are you ready? Well buckle up, because this is going to be a bumpy ride (Hello Ms. Davis):

  1. Go to
  2. Get something notarized

Yep. That’s it. Ahh, not so bumpy a ride at all – and much, much smoother than having to find one in your local town like it was back in the day.

The solution to an online notary has arrived – and they can do it all:

  1. Contracts
  2. Bills of Sale
  3. Divorce Decrees
  4. Spousal Waivers
  5. Paperless Title Applications (or Duplicates)
  6. Power of Attorney
  7. Deed of Trust
  8. Consent for Minor to Travel
  9. Passport Application
  10. and my favorite, PS 1583 Forms 

…and many, many more. They do it all! Plus, they’re a lot easier to find than Bigfoot.

So, since there isn’t likely a notary public who lives in your house – is the next best thing. Online. Simple. Fast and Effective.  I am happy that I found them.

Now, no trips to Town Hall necessary.