Notarize a 1583 Document the Easy Way

So, they tell you to notarize a 1583 document but they don’t tell you where to notarize a 1583 document. Or maybe you can’t get to or find a local notary. Or heck, maybe you just don’t feel like trudging out to find a notary. Well, it’s GreenSeal Notary to the rescue!

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Meet the GreenSeal Notary Hero…

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It’s true that some things are easier said than done but when it comes to having the PS 1583 Form notarized, well, we’ll just say that it’s easy. Online is where it’s happening! Our GreenSeal Notary hero is so smart that she told us, in dog speak, that we should enter the age of the internet and allow clients to notarize a 1583 document online. Mind blown! Since you can do everything else online (doctor’s appointments we’re looking at you), why NOT notarize a 1583 document online?

Why do you have to notarize a 1583 document?

The United States Postal Service or USPS Form 1583 is a critical form for any business that wants to use a third party, to manage their mail and use mail forwarding and mail scanning services. Basically, the PS 1583 Form is required when you want to authorize anyone besides the United States Postal Service to handle delivery of your mail.

Due to United States Postal regulations, the form must be completed in person at the mail forwarding facility or witnessed by a notary, if mailed. The notary’s seal proves that you are the person who is authorizing the mail forwarding facility to receive mail in your name or in your company’s name. It’s usually more convenient for most people to notarize a 1583 document because they are not near the forwarding facility. As an example, many RV’ers use mail forwarding services offered by a facility but can’t get to a specific facility to fill out the form.

You or your business, who is the ultimate mail recipient, is the applicant and the one who must fill out, and notarize a 1583 document. You must execute the form in duplicate unless you use GreenSeal Notary and you can just print two electronic notarized copies without the need to notarize a 1583 document twice.

The Basics of How Delivery Through Mail Works

When you authorize a mail forwarding facility to accept mail in your name, the facility will open, scan, or ship your mail after they receive it at one of their addresses. Using a mail forwarding service ensures that you, and only authorized parties, are able to access mail that is addressed to you.

When you notarize a 1583 document, it does not change your address or tell the mail forwarding facility where to forward your mail. You will usually notify senders of your address used at the forwarding facility and/or file a  Change of Address with the United States Postal Service.

What Identification is needed to notarize a 1583 document?

You will need two forms of identification to notarize a 1583 document.  Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • valid driver’s license or state non-driver’s identification card; 
  • armed forces, government, university, or recognized corporate identification card; 
  • passport, alien registration card or certificate of naturalization; 
  • current lease, mortgage or Deed of Trust; 
  • voter or vehicle registration card; 
  • or a home or vehicle insurance policy

The Application for the Delivery of Mail Through Agent can seem a bit daunting but there are good instructions on how to fill out and notarize a 1583 form on myrvmail. Always follow the instructions of your mail forwarding service though. Download a fillable PS 1583 Form.

notarize a 1583 document

Standard Form PS 1583

Fill in the form before you go to notarize a 1583 document.

As a form 1583 notary, we actually specialize in the document. This makes it easy for you because we have notarized the document many times for other clients and understand the document. We provide you with an easy way to notarize a 1583 document by notarizing online.

But wait, there’s more. Today we are offering you a great opportunity to pet the GreenSeal Notary hero. Go ahead. Step right up. She just loves virtual hugs. Now wasn’t that easy!