Notary Near Me: How the COVID Apocalypse Led Me to Rethink My Business

As an attorney, I send my clients to have documents notarized often. Basically, it’s more convenient for clients to have documents notarized on their own time. I normally provide them with the documents and instruct them to simply Google, “notary near me.” I tell them to take their documents to the closest location that they find. Well, with the onset of COVID, I had to rethink my entire practice. Consequently, this included how I was going to have my clients get their documents notarized.

I deal with a lot of clients with medical issues, therefore, most of them should have limited contact with the public. Now, suggesting that they Google “notary near me” was no longer a good option. Standing in long lines at FedEx wasn’t looking so hot. As a result, I needed to have an option that was convenient while limiting risks. I started directing my clients to use mobile notary services. The mobile notary would visit my clients homes to notarize documents. This decreased the risk of catching COVID but I wanted to decrease the risk even more.

The Solution to Notary Near Me

Then one day, a mobile notary told one of my clients that they could notarize documents online. The client told me about the online option. I’m embarrassed to say that I hadn’t heard of it at the time. Yes, the online option already existed but I was unaware of it. My client gave me the website and I checked it out. I contacted the website to see if I could get some type of demo. They agreed! I was able to conduct a demo notarization using my cellphone. I have been using online notarization for most of my clients since.

Although GreenSeal Notary provides mobile services, they were also able to notarize my clients documents online. This way, the company is able to have a greater reach. Therefore, they are my official online notary. It’s convenient and can be done from anywhere.