You Can Now Let an Online Notary Service Admire Your Pajamas

online notary service by GreenSeal

First and foremost… what exactly is an online notary service?

Let’s start with the basics. Notaries are officials appointed by the state to act as unbiased witnesses. No, we’re not talking about witnesses for domestic disputes. Nor can they verify if the manager at Starbucks did, in fact, forget to put extra foam on Karen’s latté. The primary responsibility of a notary is to witness the signing of important documents. These documents could include (but aren’t limited to) a Power of Attorney, Vehicle Bill of Sale, Property Deed, etc.

Notaries will ask for ID in order to screen those who are signing a document. They will try to look for signs of things like duress or intoxication of signers. So maybe don’t plan a bottomless-mimosa lunch date before getting that document notarized. A notary will also make sure that those who are signing are aware of the basic contents of the document.

How is it possible to get a document notarized online?

Not more than a couple of years ago, if you had asked if it was possible to get a document notarized, without ever leaving the comfort of your flannel pajamas, you would have been laughed out of the house. Sure, there was the mobile notary option, but I’m sure you wouldn’t wear pajamas for the meeting. Am I right? So how are you supposed to get a document notarized these days in a time when COVID-19 is running rampant? What are you to do when you’re being told to keep safely at home? What can you do when you are told to avoid all unnecessary interactions with the outside world? How can you secretly wear a pajama top with no bottom?

Never fear – your online notary service is here! There are currently 29 states with RON laws. Pennsylvania recently hopped on the bandwagon as of October 29th. Notaries in these states can now notarize a document via video conferencing. Yes… that means you can meet with an online notary service, stay in your pajamas, and feel productive all at the same time. You go girl, or guy, or whatever.

Is online notarization here to stay?

With the cases of Covid-19 on the rise, more companies are finding it necessary to have their employees work remotely. COVID has shown us that almost any task can be carried out from home. Do you need groceries or want sushi? You can have it delivered to your door. Would you like to provide your kids with a mediocre education that only a loving parent can give? You can do that “easily” through audio visual platforms. The therapy you’ll need after attempting to home-school your children? Also available online. So, it only makes sense that states would allow the use of online notaries. Right now we must do anything to help lessen the risk of spreading Coronavirus through in-person interactions.

Many people are still unaware of the option to get their documents notarized online. The increase of states enacting remote online notarization suggests the demand for the service is rapidly increasing. Life in the year 2021 is all about convenience. You can go online to make an appointment with the DMV. You can send in measurements online to get a suit tailored. As a matter of fact, many companies no longer even answer their phones. Have you tried calling the bank lately? Be prepared for, “… and due to a shortage of staff, this line can no longer be used to answer your questions. You can find answers to many of your questions on our website. Please visit us at www…”

So… is online notarization here to stay? Refer back to the part about being able to stay in your pajamas. This might give you your answer.

GreenSeal Notary can notarize your documents online today.

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